There was a time when I couldn’t look at my self in the mirror and face what I had become. I once wrote “when do we really stop, even if it is just for a moment within ourselves to take stock, reflect and replenish?” By projecting the past onto my body I found a voice which relieved some misunderstood tensions which hid inside. 

This surfacing of emotion makes me feel liberated. I attempt to challenge an understanding of self, the nature of others and the effect influential figures and surrounding circumstances have on us. 

I have at times felt a yearning for the past, continued to struggle with my present and remained frightened of what the future may bring. How do I choose the strength to leave unimportant things behind? Nostalgia consists of ‘Nostos, a Greek word for ‘return home and ‘algia a painful physical or emotional condition. A friend told me once that our homes are inside of us. Is this really true? 

Join me on a journey back and forth through a defragmentation of memories, times and places. Celebrate the stages of identity, shaping a life willing for change and a sense of self-continuity. This is an emotional and physical response to the very word Nostalgia. A personal, surreal and collective take on what Nostalgia means through an abstract landscape of dreams, no-regrets and fortunes. A search for the self in a broken society, regardless of how we got here, faced with the impossibility of having a better past.